Why You & I Need SkinsideOut

Prescription retinol creams, salicylic acid, face scrubs, exfoliating gels, glycolic acid… being a huge skincare fanatic I was constantly using harsh products on my skin. Often a lot more than recommended. My moisture barrier was severely damaged and, with the combination of prescription retinol cream, it was burnt or chapped as well.

After trying several hyaluronic acid serums and face creams (in attempts to add some hydration back in my skin), it got me thinking; I\’m only hydrating the first few layers of my skin. (Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar molecule in our skin that holds up to 1000 times it\’s weight in water and is responsible for keeping our skin, eyes, joints, mouth, vocal chords, lips etc. nicely plumped and hydrated) What I really needed was a moisturizer to hydrate all the layers of my skin if I wanted to plump my fine lines and give my skin a chance to recover. So what is the answer? How do I accomplish this?

I needed more hyaluronic acid in my bloodstream so that it would build up in my skin and do it\’s job. I started reading up and searching for supplements containing hyaluronic acid, which could be delivered orally in pill form. After doing a lot of digging, I realized that the molecule was too large to be absorbed into my blood in its regular state, which would make an orally delivered hyaluronic acid supplement pretty useless. Hyaluronic acid is typically used in a gel form to make cosmetic fillers and also injected into joints to relieve pain. The reason for this, it is so large there is no other way to get it to where it needs to be other than injection or applying topically to the skin (which we know only can go so deep).

Having studied biochemistry, I wasn\’t going to stop there. I knew there had to be a way to hydrolyze the hyaluronic acid which would potentially decrease its molecular weight to a small enough size that it would fit into my bloodstream.
Two years later, I give you Skinside Out. Skinside Out contains a hyaluronic acid that has been reduced in molecular weight to less than 5000 daltons (from 1.5 million daltons). Human studies have proved this form of hyaluronic acid to not only decrease fine lines and wrinkles but also to plump lips, hydrate dry eyes and relieve joint pain.

Hyaluronic acid levels decrease as we age (for example: a young person might use and rebuild about 5 grams per day but as we age we start to replace less than we use, which leads to: wrinkles, dryness, sensitive skin and sagging skin. Joints often develop pains as well. Skinside Out delivers extra hyaluronic acid to your body. It helps rebuild what you have lost in your skin, reducing visible wrinkles and lines and enables your joints to move smoothly. Skinside Out is the perfect anti-aging solution!

Get started on your journey to a more youthful appearance here! You won\’t regret it!