The Best Way to Assist our Bodies to Produce Collagen


Everyone wants more collagen. We want to look more youthful and have fewer fine lines and wrinkles. We want healthy, strong hair that shines. We want healthy nails that don’t break doing simple daily tasks. We hate that our knees hurt when we exercise and we feel defeated when our neck is always stiff and aching. So what is the solution?

Even though there is very little evidence to back up the idea that collagen supplementation actually increases the level of collagen in our bodies, collagen has become a multibillion dollar industry and likely will stay that way for some time. Commercially produced collagen typically comes from fish, cows, or pigs. However, when you supplement with commercially produced Collagen it is digested like any other protein and it is too large to be absorbed without first being broken down into amino acids. So is collagen supplementation really a good idea? Is there a better way is to assist our body to increase the amount of collagen it naturally produces?

Your body is naturally designed to produce collagen and it turns out that you can actually increase the amount of collagen your body makes through the use of supplements. You may have heard of silica supplements before from your hairdresser. Hairdressers’ swear by them for hair and nail growth. This is because silica is a vital component of your body\’s natural collagen generation. However, there are issues with supplementing silica because it has a very low bio-availability (absorption) when consumed.

The bio-available form of silica is actually orthosilicilic acid, which unfortunately is very unstable, even though it is easily absorbed. To solve this problem Skinside Out has created a supplement which contains a specially stabilized form of orthosilicilic acid called \”choline stabilized orthosilicilic acid\”.

Choline stabilized orthosilicilic acid has recently been gaining popularity in the supplement industry for its ability to increase the body\’s collagen production and other beneficial effects. It produces stronger (thicker hair shafts) and faster growing hair and nails. The skin becomes plumper with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Orthosilicilic acid has been known for years to increase bone density in people with osteoporosis.

Choline stabilized orthosilicilic acid is arguably one of the best anti-aging ingredients to add to your supplement regime on the market! Adding as little as 10mg daily to your diet can produce visible changes to your hair and nails in a matter of weeks! Taking just two pills of Skinside Out per day will provide 30 mg of orthosilicilic acid and deliver visible changes in just weeks! If you\’re still not a believer or on the fence, try it for yourself and see!