A collagen supplement can extend the life of your botox and filler treatments

Collagen is the protein that is found in the greatest quantity in your body.

It is the most important component of connective tissues, which include tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles, and which are found in many different body areas.

Collagen serves a variety of critical tasks, including providing structure to your skin and helping to keep your bones strong.

Collagen supplements have been increasingly popular in recent years. The majority of collagen supplements are hydrolyzed, which means the collagen has been broken down, making it easier for your body to digest.

Benefits of taking collagen

  • Can improve skin health
  • It helps relieve joint pain
  • Could prevent bone loss
  • Could boost muscle mass
  • Promotes heart health

Collagen is an important structural component of your skin.

It aids in the strengthening of the skin, as well as the flexibility and hydration of the skin. Over time, your body\’s collagen production decreases, resulting in dry skin and the growth of wrinkles.

Will the use of collagen help fillers last for a longer period of time?

Dietary supplements and dermal fillers are excellent nonsurgical alternatives for those seeking short-term anti-aging results. They\’re quick, simple, and almost completely painless.

Traditional soft tissue fillers, on the other hand, do not have long-lasting benefits in the majority of situations. While many patients are pleased with the immediate results that dermal fillers bring, others are hoping for a therapy that will last for a longer period of time.

Ways to extend botox and fillers.

There is no way to make fillers and neurotoxins last forever, but there are things you may do to extend their effects.

After a Neurotoxin Injection

The injection site should not be massaged. However, mild movement can aid. Do mild facial workouts right after your injection to help the poison disseminate evenly. Also, it can help prolong the effects of Botox.

After 24 Hours After Injection

For at least 24 hours after a toxin or filler treatment, avoid touching or pressing the treated area. Avoid rubbing and exfoliation when washing your face.

This keeps the product in place by keeping the medications close to the treatment location. 1-2 days after getting fillers, avoid sleeping on that area of your face.

1. Drink water

Hydration not only prevents wrinkles but also preserves injections. Hydrate your skin with topical treatments as well as water. Use a hyaluronic acid moisturizer to minimize inflammation and limit the body\’s breakdown of injectables.

2. Good Skin Care

With good skincare, the advantages of injectables (like many other cosmetic treatments) stay longer.

Patients who moisturize daily and consume plenty of water will assist hyaluronic-based fillers in absorbing more water, keeping treated areas firm and wrinkle-free! Some products were created to complement toxins and fillers such as SkinsideOut Advanced Hyaluronic Collagen Booster.

3. AVOID UV exposure

Sunscreens with Vitamin C, as well as minimizing sun exposure, can help protect you. UV light damage causes inflammation. Your Botox and fillers will be broken down while your skin heals.=

Although blue light is not UV, it can harm skin cells. Buy a blue-light screen filter or dim your screens.

4. Eat Well

Your diet immediately affects your skin\’s appearance and health. To maximize the effectiveness of your filler, we advise patients to avoid processed and packaged foods and to minimize sugar intake. These foods induce increased inflammation in the body, affecting skin health.

Try SkinsideOut

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Using this product on a daily basis will help to increase the synthesis of natural collagen in the body, resulting in better skin elasticity and plumpness as a consequence.

Free radicals and environmental factors are decreased as a consequence of the powerful antioxidant powers of the advanced bioavailable components, resulting in moisturized and youthful skin that shines from the inside out.